Real Estate - Tear down walls

We're in the middle of a mini remodel project, closing a wall that we tore down a couple of years ago. We joke about how we're not craftspeople, but doing our best!
  • Clearly communicate the time expectation up front. The time that I was away from the family while working, or while the kids were too small to be in the dangerous area without supervision.
  • Take tons of pictures, because you’ll want to remember the insane amount of work it was
  • Have the right tools for the job: crowbar, full body paint suits for under the house.
  • Bluetooth speakers 
  • 3m drywall sanding screens
  • Drywall sander
  • Texture
  • Paint
    • Bigger than a quarter to match color
    • Match the finish: matte vs flat vs satin vs semi gloss and gloss
      • Matte and flat - good for bedroom and living room
        • Pro- easy to touch up
        • Con- hold dirt and hard to clean because removes finish
      • Satin - perl like sheen when dry - high traffic area like kitchen and kid bathroom
        • Pro: stands up well to cleaning
        • Con:  doesn’t hid imperfections
      • Semi gloss and gloss - reflects most light (bathroom and kitchen)
        • Pro: durable and scrubbable
        • Con: shows every single imperfection

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